Common Questions....

Why do I need PAT testing? 

  • PAT testing is a method to help you comply with workplace Health & Safety Laws regarding electrical equipment
  • Insurers often expect you to have PAT testing in place.
  • It helps keep staff, customers and the public safe from faulty electrical equipment.
  • It protects premises from electrical fires caused by faulty portable applainces


Why should I use Plugsafelincs for my PAT testing ? 

  • We provide an comprehensive inspection and testing routine - we dont just "stick passed stickers on plugs" !
  • We are also able to test your fixed appliances (hand dryers, wall mounted heaters,  etc) which not all PAT testers will test. 
  • We give clear and transparent advice regarding PAT testing frequency.


What does the Law say? 

  • UK H&S Laws oblige businesses to provide a safe working environment.
  • Businesses, of all sizes, are legally responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment used/provided by them is safe for use. 
  • You are also required to ensure that staff, customers and the public are safe when using or coming into contact with your electrical appliances.
  • PAT ensures the equipment is safe and provides documentary evidence to prove you are complying with the legislation

How often does PAT testing need doing? 

  • We can advise on what the most appropriate testing frequency is as we risk assess every situation. It is not necessarily every 12 months as others will have you believe ! 
  • For example, a hand held power tool will have a different re-test frequency to a computer in an admin office.


What issues can PAT testing prevent?

  • Cables can get damaged, plugs crack, insulation breaks down over time, metal appliances can become live if the earth wire is damaged (or even non existent in some cases !). 
  • There is a risk of fire damage from poorly maintained and damaged equipment. 
  • Incorrect fuse ratings may cause issues as the equipment doesn't have the correct protection in a fault situation.
  • Counterfeit and/or poor quality "imported" items often have hidden risks (such as poor quality, non british standard fuses) We can spot these and prevent issues before they occur.


       Click here to see some photos of faults that have been picked up during PAT testing